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Why Skiathos

Why Skiathos?

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Why Skiathos?

For the “Dolce Farniente” on the beaches(all kinds from fully organised with all sea sports available, to isolated hidden in little bays with very few, or at all, people), or for the picky and pricy night life, or for nice walks or bike rides in the inland mountainous side, or for the contact with a lush and unspoilt of all-going construction in the north of the island. There are plenty of things that can attract you to Skiathos.sea view from forest skiathos When you get to Skiathos,  you see another greece, different from the stereotype of the Cyclades islands and arid landscape with blue and white houses. If the sandy beaches and blue waters have made the reputation of this island, the inland is also stunning and gorgeous. You’ll discover unspoilt nature, places still uninhabited and forgotten by the mass tourism. You can download our guide with lots of tips for beautiful short or long walks and other dependent on your tastes and wishes. Asselinos beach Skiathos Very touristy and lively in the summer, however, Skiathos offers many quiet beaches, even in high season. Of course, these places really worth to visit although they are less accessible than the organized beaches. This is the reason why we include a car rental for My Aegean Villa guests to whom we also give all the information for the rental of a boat. mandraki agistro beach in skiathos For those who like cultural aspects of the island, Skiathos obviously can not compete with e.g. the Crete or Santorini and it does not have archaeological points of mainland Greece. However, it has places of interest, which played a role in later Greek history including that of the liberation from Ottoman rule.evangelistria monastery in Skiathos


Hi, I am Muriel a Belgian-based owner of My Aegean Villa blog offering ideas of travelling in Greece and other nice places in the world. I love writing articles mostly inspired by my personal experience. I am the owner of Villa Cassiopee in Skiathos that I rent. I am also managing other villas owned by friends who trust me and give me the exclusivity of their property.
Let me help you with your next trip to Greece

Let me help you with your next trip to Greece

Hi, I am deeply in love with Greece's natural beauty and I have been travelling around for the best part of my life.

I am happy to share my experience with travellers looking for insight information regarding Greece or other places in the world I had the chance to explore.     

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