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How to get to Skiathos

How to get to Skiathos?

by plane

Skiathos, is the Sporades island closest to the continent and the only one to have an airport. It is located about 3 km from the city.
Daily flights with Olympic Air liaise with Athens. Flying time is approximately 30 minutes and the price is around 60 euros each way.
Flight schedules change regularly, but here’s a useful link to find your flight within Europe and make your reservation

In summer, there are also direct charter flights from many European cities, like London, Manchester, Dusseldorf, Zurich and Rome.

For the Belgians, including myself, in 2011 Ryan Air had opened a line between Charleroi and Volos, the nearest mainland port. Unfortunately, this lasted only four years. Now, Ryanair lands to Athens and Thessaloniki ( A new chartered flight is now available twice per week from Brussels to Volos with TUIFLY

For a price as from 60€ each way and 2h30 flight, you get to Volos and then you can either take a ferry or a flying dolphin directly to Skiathos.

Transportation by taxi from the airport to the port of Volos costs around 50 euros for up to 4 persons. Beware, if you are asked to pay more by a taxi driver, this is scam. You better ask the fare before boarding the taxi. For my My Aegean villas guests, I organise the trip.

by boat
There is no sea transport from Piraeus to Skiathos. You must travel to other Greek ports

1 Departure from Aghios Constantinos

Aghios Constantinos is about 160 km north of Athens and is connected to the city by highway.

You can either take the ferry (if you’re traveling by car) or hovercraft ( Flying Dolphin or Flying Cat). The Flying Cat is a catamaran, bigger and more comfortable.

The duration of the ferry crossing is approximately 2:30 ET. By Hovercraft, it lasts 1h30.

A line of luxury coaches links the center of Athens to the Port of Aghios Constantinos, the departure point of hovercraft. Since this is the same company, there is no waiting time between the two means of transport.

2 Departure from Volos

The city of Volos is further away from Athens, but international flights serve the airport, and you may get there directly by plane.

The duration of the ferry crossing is approximately 2:30 ET. By Hovercraft, it lasts 1h30.

Useful link for your trip departing from these ports to Skiathos where you can make your reservation on line:


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Let me help you with your next trip to Greece

Let me help you with your next trip to Greece

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